View Full Version : Iguana "Jane"

White Bread
09-20-2000, 07:47 AM
Large green female iguana. (approx 36") Orange legs. Hand raised and hand fed. Beautiful! She is tame and would like to roam if possible. Her owner handled her and let her roam. She has been here 2 weeks. I cannot let her roam due to cats (natural enemy!) but within 2 hours of having her here she was eating from our hands and we were able to pet her. You would probably be able to pick her up within about 2 weeks if you talk to her and pet her everyday. Comes with large glass aquarium, lights, 2 small heat rocks. Make me an offer amd I will clean the cage right away and deliver her anywhere in Carroll County!

10-19-2000, 05:14 PM
you should contact our high school and see if our biology teacher Mr. Trahan would be interested in the iguana. i know he's always looking for animals to "crawl" around his "habitat" in his room.