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S. Jones
12-05-2000, 08:06 PM
I have several computers for sale including:

Hewlett Packard Pentium Pro 200 MHZ, 17" Monitor, 32 meg ram, 6.1 gig HD, 25X CD, 56K Sound. Win 98, photoshop 5, office 97, macromedia freehand, Adobe Pagemaker 6.5. Excellent condition. $500.00

Umax Macintosh Clone. 240MHZ, 14"apple monitor, 24 meg ram, 2.1 gig HD, cd, OS 8.5. photoshop, pagemaker. NO MODEM. Excellent condition $500.00

Digital Pentium 100 MHZ 14" monitor, Win 98. $175.00

Hewlett Packard 486 , 350 meg HD, 16 meg ram, win 95 or Red Hat Linux 6. No Monitor, runs great! $20.00 I have alot of these systems and can customize them anyway you like.

14" monitors re-manufactured. $75.00

I have a bunch of other stuff including monitors, parts an pieces.



S. Jones
12-23-2000, 03:59 PM
I still have some of these systems and several more not listed. I am also now offering repair services on pc`s, and software configuration.