View Full Version : Mary Jean Selle: You said it so well

06-26-2002, 07:00 PM
Mary Jean Selle, you said it just great,
About planning for things before it's too late.
Preplanning for events--now how could that be wrong?
It keeps people from getting a knot in their thong.

Simple necessary things like transport for Blues Fest drinkers
Should be a no-brainer even for so-called deep thinkers.
We've had the Blues Fest and its results many times before;
How about each shop cleaning up trash outside of their store?

Yes, we still need the street sweeper to suck up the mess
And maybe some of the shopowners this problem address.
The overfilled barrels of trash require the city to do,
But what I'm saying is can't we help the city out, too?

Olden day shopkeepers used to sweep their sidewalks and street every day.
Now we seem more intent on getting more service for the taxes we pay.
I know the last thing any shopowner wants to do is pick up papers;
Not a good way to start out the day smelling beer bottle vapors.

It's about as thankless as being a motel maid for the street,
But after it's litter free, you're proud the town really looks neat.
You've hit another of my perennial tourist town rants:
Shops that don't stay open after 5 and all of their "can'ts."

Outdoor music draws people here and is really the thing,
But it shouldn't drown out conversations or make your ears ring.
MJ, you are so right about tourism competition being so tight.
Folks, remember this as you roll up the sidewalks at 5 PM every night.