View Full Version : The truth

07-16-2002, 08:48 PM
Oh what a nasty web we weave
When we continue to deceive.
It seems to have become a disgusting habit,
Multiplying like an over-sexed rabbit.

It starts with just one lie to get what you want,
Then mushrooms into more lies coming to haunt.
People pass over the stories without asking why,
Then when they do, here comes another big lie.

Before long, the stories are told and everyone knows,
Yet no one insists truth be told, so how the lie grows.
People in charge are very much aware of these things,
But hate to ask for fear they may suffer slings.

I don't know if I can believe all that.
More like they're keeping the fire from their fat?
Agreeing to accept responsibility while being in charge,
Takes a big commitment: this duty is really quite large.

Making them accountable for each dollar spent
Means more than just asking where it all went.
Is the expenditure an approved purchase requirement?
Or is it part of something of a not quite so pleasant scent?

When the house of cards finally takes the big fall,
The debris will be splattered over you all.
This is why parents must teach their kids to tell the truth
And have the guts to be responsible way past their youth.

If a person cannot accept the responsibility of shaping a child's mind,
Perhaps they should reconsider the idea of producing their family line.
Parenting: the roughest job without a doubt.
Now what did you think I was talking about?