View Full Version : Royal for mayor

08-10-2002, 10:04 PM
Ok, Royal, now you had to know you were due.
I can't omit your name from this mayoral stew.
You're the only one who still lives in this town.
Ahhh, the look on your face....you're starting to frown.

I know you said you wouldn't run in a political race,
But yee gads, man, you've got the knowledge to help save this place.
The only other person who has such a history, works at a bank.
I swear I refuse to push that button or help turn any crank.

It's obvious by what you write, you love this town.
I wish you'd reconsider before she goes down
You know where all the bodies are buried,
How they were shot and whose orders were carried.

You know the glory this town was and could be again.
It will take more guidance than the little pond/big fish's fin.
It requires the dedication to move mountains for this town.
One thing we can be certain of: your nose will not likely be brown.

You've served on plenty of committees to know what we need;
A strong spine with more than just the desire to be in the lead.
I don't suppose I could tempt you with chocolate or maybe some rum?
Yep, there's the problem: you're too smart to fall for something that dumb.

Royal Alcott
08-10-2002, 11:33 PM