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12-04-2003, 04:51 PM
We are very proud to announce that the Basin Bagel & Bakery will have StarBucks Coffee starting on Friday Afternoon around three PM.

We will also have all the other wonderful Expresso and coffee drinks from the StarBucks world. So drop by for some great baked goods and a great cup of coffee.

StarBucks coffee will be also be served in the Balcony Bar & Restaurant, The RoofTop Billiards and all Banquets at the historic hotel.

Hotel Manager

12-04-2003, 06:08 PM
Will this be a "StarBucks" in the Basin Park Hotel or will the hotel be serving StarBucks coffee?

12-04-2003, 06:26 PM
chain stores are prohibited in the HD.
$tarbuck$ is the wal-mart of the coffee world

James DeVito
12-04-2003, 06:26 PM
The name remains the same, only the coffee will change.

James DeVito
12-04-2003, 06:28 PM
This is still America, you cannot discriminate even in the Historic District.

12-04-2003, 06:42 PM
Yes, we can discriminate, James. We can't keep them from coming, but we can get them out. Boycott. It's a fine Irish tradition. At least, until they start using coffee that pays the growers a fair price. I've worked for you and know fair pay is something you practice!

12-04-2003, 07:13 PM
SYLLABICATION: dis·crim·i·nate

INTRANSITIVE VERB: 1a. To make a clear distinction; distinguish: discriminate among the options available. b. To make sensible decisions; judge wisely.

12-05-2003, 08:57 AM
The Basin Bagel & Bakery will proudly serve StarBucks, our outlet stays the same.

Come on by and try before you judge it.

12-05-2003, 11:18 AM
Dear Coffee Drinker
Dont Be Scared
However before you continue that delicious drink Please read this short note.
That eco-friendly, arty, lefty appeal of Starbucks may have won you over,
but its really just make-up my friend. Wake up and smell the coffee:

1- Starbucks farming techniques are unsustainable and damaging to the environment, the crops wipe out bio-diversity and the countries that they buy their coffee from (Guatemala, Indonesia etc) dont enforce any strong environmental regulations. So even if Starbucks release statements about their commitment to the ecology and dislike for chemicals, they are not carried out. This is not likely to improve with the WTO in its current state of slashing all hindrance to big business.

2- Starbucks actively discourage unions and workers rights, workers work part-time flexible shifts, meaning that they dont have the rights of full time employees, they can easily be replaced and dont get sick pay. Workers have no leg to stand on when asking for things such as a fair wage.

3- Starbucks strategy is to subsidise new stores in order to under cut and close down local competition, stores will be run at a loss purely in order to wipe out others. This destroys any local character an area may have, and bulldozes the way for even more bland multinationals.

4- Starbucks new "Commitments To Origins" PR stunt is really just that. Fair trade coffee has to be certified fair trade, with no certification it is meaningless. The "Commitments to Origins" scheme may look ethical and fair trade but it is not Fair Trade, it is Starbucks own version of fair trade which they monitor themselves, or appoint their own independent monitors for. The farmers still get a raw deal, it's just as unethical, but Starbucks get to pretend they are being responsible.

Im not trying to say that Starbucks are the only evil.
They are however the market leaders, and therefore the ones that others copy.
It is up to you to make sure that this type of behaviour is not profitable, you are currently supporting what they are doing, please think before your next drink.

Now enjoy the rest of your coffee
Im sure you paid enough for it.

12-05-2003, 09:39 PM
I just do not understand what the big deal is. Coffee is coffee, it all comes from a bean that is roasted and ground then boiling water strained through. Can some one tell me why I should pay 3.50 for a cup that I can make at home for .13 per cup? I think Bill Engvall says it the best...here's your sign!

Kim Yonkee
12-05-2003, 10:54 PM
Well, may I just say THANK YOU for the free hot chocolate and cookies you were handing out tonight in that house of perdition? It was a wonderful surprise, and very much appreciated, especially as cold as it was during the parade. http://www.geekfest.com/ubb/smile.gif

12-06-2003, 12:00 AM
Da** starbucks and there delicious coffee and attentive staff.How dare they upset the coffeehouse cliques of our fair city.I like my coffee with a big helping of facial piercings and attitude against me for not having neon hair.Amen

Hermit of Hogscald
12-06-2003, 01:52 AM
"Can some one tell me why I should pay $3.50 for a cup that I can make at home for .13 per cup?"

$3.50/cup? American dollar? Is this for real? With no alcohol in it? Geez, it wasn't that long ago I could get 2 eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and all the coffee I could drink for a buck and a quarter! I've heard that coffee/caffiene is addictive, is it THAT addictive?

I'm afraid that for three and a half bucks for a cup of coffee, I will be supporting 2100's boycott whether I want to or not, purely out of financial necessity.

Perhaps I should take up panhandling on the streets of Eureka! "Please sir, just enough for a cup of coffee?"

And don't forget the 10% tax that is going to be tacked on to that. Ouchie.

The was a time when the American dollar was actually worth something. If I was a bank robber, I would be considering switching to knocking off coffee houses! "No No fool, not the cash. Just put all your beans into the sack."

Perhaps the cost isn't in the coffee at all. It must be the water. Anyone who does any price comparison when they shop knows full well that water is more expensive than gasoline. By a lot!

But Cyber my friend, remember this. You pay thirteen cents a cup to make it yourself, but you buy this stuff by the pound. Starbucks buys it by the TON. I'm sure they have it down to at least twelve cents a cup. The operational word in the name Starbucks is obviously "bucks".

I'll be back to rant some more, as soon as I get myself another cup of coffee, I think I'm starting to crash. Hey meth lab dudes, you boys are in the wrong business, brew legal speed, there is more money and less trouble in it. I've been told (and I have not verified this for myself....yet) that they actually make coffee available to the kids in the local schools. I can guarentee that most of the teachers and bus drivers are hopped up on it.

Ah, wonderful caffeine, the drug that runs America.

12-06-2003, 03:42 AM
I am sure Starbucks must be fantastic coffee, as there are so many people hooked on it. ("Hi" Aunty !) Do they have 1/2 caff? I buy Folgers 1/2 caff. at the store because of my heart problem . I have heard about this coffee forever, but , am I too caffeine impaired to drink it ? I am "cardio-impaired" !

That was really cool of the Basin to give out Hot Chocolate and cookies ! (more happy tourists)!!

What a FANTASTIC parade ! Thanks to everyone who participated !(you helped all of us more than you know).......


Becky Davis
12-06-2003, 05:34 AM
When I was in Seattle this summer, I was teased relentlessly because I didn't drink Starbucks coffee. Everytime one of my cousins would come to my aunts they would say, lets go get a real cup of coffee.(she had folgers)
For some odd reason, I can remember the smell of coffee brewing as a child. Although it puts out a mild fragrance now, it doesn't live up to childhood memories. Wonder what the coffee was way back then?
Anyhoo, the folks in Seattle think nothing of spending three bucks on a cup of coffee. Their lowest wages are three times higher in Arkansas though.
It's a nice thing to have Starbucks in the Basin. It gives the guests a little uptown flair, if they are willing to pay the price. If not they can go down the street, I guess.
I wouldn't think that Starbucks uses slave wages anymore than other coffee companies. Over the years, I have heard that about Folgers and Maxwell House.

Hermit of Hogscald
12-06-2003, 05:35 AM
Actually Lita, while I had a lot of fun kidding around above, there may actually be a cup of coffee worth that kind of money. Having sailed the Caribbean extensively, I had the opportunity to try real coffee, not the reject stuff that gets sold here. Jamaican Blue Mountain was unreal, although it was so expensive, I could hardly afford it even in Jamaica. But the real shocker was Columbian Coffee, it was so naturally sweet and smooth that it was the only coffee I ever tried that required neither sugar nor creamer to be palatable. Most people here, at least in my financial strata, have no concept of what the real stuff is really like, I get the feeling that the Columbians are laughing their butts off as the ship their trash beans up to Maxwell House or Folgers.

As a sailor, I lived on coffee, there was just no better friend on a cool deck on an all night watch. As much as I love the stuff, I've pretty much had to give it up, it's just too strong and tears up my stomach, but boy do I miss it. I've had to settle for hot tea or carbonated drinks for my fix anymore.

just wondering
12-06-2003, 08:34 AM
Hermit, "Perhaps I should take up panhanding on the streets of Eureka!" Be sure to check with city hall, you may need a permit and pay a CAPC tax on your cash flow. For excellent coffee try the old A&P brand, use 1/2 regular and 1/2 100% columbian beans. Use 100% spring water not city water.

12-07-2003, 01:24 AM
I've heard the coffee is great. I can't wait!!!

12-07-2003, 08:08 AM
Well, Arjay, guess it's just you and me at Mud St. And hey, it's warm in Columbia, Juan Valdez and family doesn't really need that house any way.

12-07-2003, 12:10 PM
land rapin' slave wagers gotta eat too.

Barb Deschner
12-07-2003, 01:45 PM

I' not sure if the Basin was giving out Hot Chocoalte and cookies but our very own Parks and Recreation Commision was passing it out in the park and at Crescent Spring. Thank you so much to my fellow Commisioners,Eureka Teens, Parks Employees and everyone who donated,time,money,product and effort to help our locals and visitors alike enjoy the parade and keep a little bit warmer!!!

Hermit of Hogscald
12-07-2003, 05:10 PM
Since it has gotten so quiet here, I decided to find other distraction (have to do SOMETHING all wired up on caffeine). Like most things that I get involved in discussing, I had to now know all I could about caffeine, so it was off the the search engines. What I found there was.... hmmmm....interesting.

Caffeine, a totally legal and socially acceptable drug, to the point that we even give it to young children, has some interesting properties. In fact, if it were not previously in use in this country and was just now being introduced, I suspect that the Drug Enforcement Agency and Congress would be creating strong laws to outlaw it and punish its addicts and distributors, here's why.

Caffeine, in its pure form, is a white powder, very similer in both appearance and chemical make-up to both cocaine and heroin.

It acts on the brain in ways that are very similar to both of these other drugs. It is also addictive.

There is a lethal dosage of caffeine, and there are recorded cases of people dying from overdosage. This lethal dosage is related to body weight and mass.

In the 12th century in certain areas of the Meditteranian, coffee was considered a dangerous drug, and smuggling of coffee was a crime punishable by death.

In Northern Thailand, caffeine is illegal, it is considered a precursor drug....to meth.

Coffee is physically addictive, and its use interferes with the chemicals in the brain necessary for sleep. Withdrawal from caffeine is not easy, and in many ways is similar to withdrawal from more notorious narcotics, though not a strong.

Coca Cola was originally manufactured with cocaine, but when it was outlawed, Coke went to the next best thing, caffeine. They still claim the do this for "flavor" enhancement. Uh-huh.

200 mg of caffeine is the maximum legal limit one can include in any single dosage (like Vivarin). How this might help, I have no idea, since one would only have to take more than a single dose.

Experiments on rats fed high dosages of caffeine have resulted in genetic damage and birth defects.

Do any of these arguments sound familiar to anyone?

12-07-2003, 05:19 PM
Originally posted by BasinParkHotelManager:
The Basin Bagel & Bakery will proudly serve StarBucks, our outlet stays the same.

Come on by and try before you judge it.

Okay, I tried it Friday night and it was terrible !!! I asked for a decaf mocha and the staff didn't know how to make it. They looked up in a book and then went to the coffee caraf to add chocolate syrup in a cup of decaf! $3.50 for that? no way. I ended up with straight decaf coffee and it was so bitter and burnt that I had to throw it away.

12-07-2003, 05:56 PM
Ahhh..to be so "trendy" that you MUST have coffee, and at a Kings ransom to boot!


Ronald Phelps
12-07-2003, 07:12 PM
Wasn't the guy who started that coffie shop chain a quarterback some where?.

Could I get the franchise on the bathroom? A buck to pee would be a deal if you could pay $3.50 to drink it.

12-08-2003, 08:15 AM
Originally posted by Hermit of Hogscald:

Do any of these arguments sound familiar to anyone?


12-08-2003, 08:16 AM
Originally posted by Ronald Phelps:
Wasn't the guy who started that coffie shop chain a quarterback some where?.

Could I get the franchise on the bathroom? A buck to pee would be a deal if you could pay $3.50 to drink it.

Do you need and investor in this business?

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Ronald Phelps
12-08-2003, 10:48 AM
Only if you will shake on the deal. Like they say good to the last drop.

12-09-2003, 12:41 AM
be careful what you are "shaking " "the last drop" off of.....