06-25-2002, 08:32 AM
Carroll County Cruisers would like to thank everyone involved in helping make the Street Rod&Custom Car Show a success.

There were over 100 cars, maybe close to 125, and 89 of them were registered to compete in the show for trophies and cash prizes. Also, the Cruisers are noted in the "car world" for giving the best door prizes to entrants, and EVERY entrant receives a door prize.

Thanks to the fantastic support of local and regional businesses and individuals, the Carroll County Cruisers were able to make 2 nice donations to the food banks of Carroll County last year. They are hoping to increase their yearly donations as they go along, so many more who need money can be helped.

Also something new in the last couple years:
We had a sponsor for a youth award not from Eureka, but from Madison County, who started sponsoring car shows in the area for their "youth award". He has discontinued his program, but The Cruisers have kept it going, as they have decided it is beneficial to the community to offer an incentive to our younger people to become involved in a hobby that will help round out their lives.
There are more than just a few well informed young car owners out there who deserve a lot of credit for their car building and body work skills.

Thank you again, EUREKA! And special THANK YOU to the fine people at Pine Mountain Village for letting us use your lot several times a year for our shows.

These shows are an attraction for all to enjoy, as the DJs hold contests(with prizes),for the young and old alike, all through the day, open to everyone, not just the car entrants. So, if you haven't BEEN to a Cruiser Show, try to make the next one, held Aug. 3 (Sat) at Pine Mountain Village. It is our Open Car Show. You will see a little bit of EVERYTHING on wheels there...convertables, trucks, motorcycles,hot rods, restored originals,and hopefully there might be a specialty entry or two. The 1909 fire truck was quite a site a couple years ago...

Come on down and have fun with us.