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Dani Joy
10-27-2003, 01:41 PM
Since this was brought up on another thread and suggested that it have it's own, I'll start it.

It is very sad and shocking the cost that is attached to many prescription drugs. Patt said that it was $1500 for nausea meds for chemo paitents. She is correct. My mother has been diagnosed with multiple myloma for 3 years now. She is on that medicine because they have been giving her thalidamide. Remember this one? It caused problems in unborn children in the 50's. It is working for cancer paitents, but the cost runs around $950 a month for her. We have the chance to use our Medicare/Medicaid buying power and reign in the pharmacutical companies, but it takes legislation to do it. 26 other states have stepped up to the plate and inacted some kind of law to help our senior citizens - why haven't we? Maine started it and was sued by the pharm. companies. The case went to the supreme court and the legislators won, the law was upheld and hailed as an inventive way to manage money and cut cost for seniors. My question is in such a bad economy, with senior citizens loosing their retirement benefits along with huge stock loses, why hasn't someone - anyone proposed a law in Arkansas to help this group of people of out? I guess first there needs to be someone that will stand up to big business, and then our leaders at the Rock will have to get along to get something constructive done.

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Dani Joy
10-27-2003, 01:43 PM
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10-27-2003, 01:48 PM
Originally posted by Dani Wilson:

Well as we speak, the Dems and Repubs are supposedly trying to pass a bill for prescription drugs. It is a joke however for those that are poor or have limited incomes. Four years ago it was a BIG issue for the election year. Lets see if it gets better this year right before election time. Politics as usual!

10-27-2003, 01:56 PM
One reason is the pharm. companies are a huge conglomerate and have an equal size lobby in D.C., just like the insurance companies do.

It was on Sunday Morning yesterday about all the seniors who take tour buses from the U.S. into Canada on a regular basis to buy their prescription meds there and bring them back home. They showed various prices of known drugs and Canada sells them to individuals at their price which is saving patients several hundred dollars a month. The pharm. companies have found out about this and because so very many U.S. patients are making the trip, have threatened to stop supplying the Canadian pharmacies. The owner of one drug store told the story and said so far, one company no longer supplies him with certain drugs and he has been able to find other sources....so far. Needless to say, Canada will probably have to stop their humane practice of selling lower priced meds to our citizens or Canada's own citizens will be suffering by not having access to those particular drugs.

There is also a lawsuit going on with Rx Depot who sold lower priced meds here in several states and were recently shut down because of it. The owner said he could have just walked away and done something else, but took a stance to fight it in the courts or the pharm. companies will call all the shots (no pun intended) on how much drugs will cost and who can sell them.

It will be very difficult to successfully fight the pharm. and insurance lobbies as they have almost unlimited financial backing, thanks to our ever increasing insurance premiums and prescription costs. Those lobbyists with all their money can easily woo senators, congress and the rest by threatening to withdraw funding for pet projects, etc.

However did we let things get to this point? Hmmmm, must have been the people elected the last hundred years or so and the lack of demanded accountabililty to those doing the voting.

10-27-2003, 02:41 PM
October 27, 2003

This week the Bush administration and its allies in Congress are targeting Medicare--just as they have targeted overtime pay and good jobs. Behind closed doors, a final proposal to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare is being hammered out--and
tragically, the deal being hatched is a trick proposal that would radically change Medicare and harm more than help America's current and future retirees. Take action now by clicking below or keep reading for more information.

The proposed changes in Medicare would:

+ Privatize Medicare and put seniors at the mercy of insurance companies.

+ Leave millions of seniors with huge drug costs despite a 50 percent Medicare premium increase.

+ Threaten employer-provided prescription drug coverage--4 million retirees who now have coverage could lose it.

+ Increase future premiums by 25 percent if you stay in the Medicare you know with the doctor of your choice.

+ Prevent our government from reining in prescription drug prices.

Half of all seniors won't save any money on their drug costs. Isn't a prescription drug benefit supposed to save seniors money? Every senior should have prescription drug coverage under

You can take action to stop these cynical changes before they become law. Please take one minute right now to send your U.S. senators and representative a fax by clicking on the link below.

10-27-2003, 04:33 PM
The answer is to throw all the bums out and insist congress provide citizens the same medical coverage they provide for themselves at our expense. If they had to rely on medicare, it would have been fixed years ago.