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Joe Zickmund
08-07-2002, 10:18 PM
This is a story I made up in 1996. I have verbalized it for many individuals, over the years, but today it seems appropriate to put it in writing for all to evaluate and critique. When I told this story I called it, "The Fall of Eureka Springs". After you read this story a positive version, to this negative, exists called "The Rise of Eureka Springs".

I'll begin acknowledging that many factions exist in Eureka Springs. Preservationists, Real Estate interests, Banking, Law, Construction, Highway interests, Downtown interests, Environmentalists, Historians, Old Timers, New Comers, Hippies, Rednecks, and many other groups that have a personal agenga to fulfill. However, most of all these groups have an underlying sub group. Their agenda is to de-rail the industry that provides the revenue for the infrastructure repair and social service, to its citizens. My belief is that these individuals want to see a small town america in Eureka Springs. They moved here from their concrete jungles to avoid the rat race and consequently, tourism represents, a conflict for them. That is most groups, not all. Regardless, the agenda is given, for this story, that tourism should be eliminated.

You see tourism represents many things we don't want to deal with. Noise, pollution, crime, traffic, inconvenience, and the sharing of our beautiful environment. So I'll ask those with that attitude, if you were treated when you visited like you want to treat others that come, would you have moved here? So a given to this story is that all sub-groups achieve their objective. The demise of tourism. The following story is what can potentially happen, given this is achieved.

One day a citizen of Eureka Springs is driving their car, in town, and hits a large pothole. It damages the muffler requiring repair. They search for assistance but all the auto repair establishments have relocated outside of the city. You see the middle class is the first to flee a dying city. They have opportunity elsewhere, so they have left. Additionally, no gas stations exist either. The backbone of the economy has fled.

Well, it just so happens that this occured just before the 4th of July weekend. Anyway, they had to go to Berryville to get staples for a party they were going to have in celebration of the event. We have no grocery stores anymore, so Berryville is the nearest place to get groceries. Well, while in Berryville, they got their car repaired and the necessary groceries to prepare for the party.

They went out back to prepare the grill, which was stolen from a resident, and realized SOMEONE stole it from them! You see, without the threat of enforcement to law, compliance is minimal. Actually, it really didn't matter. There was no propane left in the tank. They only used it to control the fire provided by an alternate fuel source.

Well, that wasn't going to stop them. They got out a shovel and dug a hole to place the tree limbs. That was the fuel source easily attainable, since we were Tree City USA.

Well, as the fire was developing, calls were made to all their friends. COME TO THE PARTY!! They were dancing around the fire, to the music of The Grateful Dead. "Truckin Down In New Orleans". All of a sudden a hot amber landed on the roof of the house causing a fire!! Immediately, people ran to the garden hose to extinguish the fire. Alas, the water pressure was low. You see two of the three pumps providing water pressure were off line. They were old and we had no money for their repairs. Additionally, the water that came from the hose was black and could have been flammable!!!

Well, the home owner called 911. The operator indicated that Eureka Springs relied on volunteers and the word would go out to address their dilemma. Hey, volunteer firefighters are, generally speaking, from the middle to lower social economic group. Their lives are miserable and they are just trying to enjoy the holiday. They are at the lake and consequently don't respond. No accountability equals non-compliance. It really didn't matter, the main fire truck had a flat tire.

Well as the home owner is watching their legacy go up in smoke, you see everything they worked for is in that home, they feel a pain in their chest. I think I'm having heart palpatations!!!

Another call goes out to 911. I'm having a heart attack!!!!! The operator responds, "we no longer have ambulatory service in Eureka Springs but we will dispatch one from Berryville".

Well the ambulance arrives, but the homeowner is a deathly shade of purple!! The paramedics try to revive the individual, but they are DOA!!

Now a scapegoat is sought out for this inhumane circumstance. One replies, "its those rich folk". You see with the middle class gone all that's left is the upper and lower classes. The upper class have legislative input and financial control. The lower class can't escape but rely on social services. So they collectively say, "lets burn their houses down"!!

So you see, the beauty of the Ozark Mountains, is charred with burned out buildings once again. I believe this has happened before. Not in Eureka Springs, but in Rome. Nero was the emperor. He failed to realize that the upper class must help and pay gratitude to the subordinating classes. If not, the middle will leave and the lower will revolt!!!!

Remember this is just a story! Another one exists. It's called, "The rise of Eureka Springs". Thank you for your indulgence.

Becky Davis
08-08-2002, 04:11 AM
Can we hear the other story, "The Rise of Eureka Springs"?

just wondering
08-08-2002, 06:27 AM
"The Rise of Eureka Springs"? Selling used cars, trucks, and motorcycles?

08-08-2002, 02:45 PM
What a bunch of *%$#!

08-08-2002, 03:41 PM
It's stupid and it makes no sense.

08-08-2002, 07:20 PM
i am so sorry this is a story that crossed your mind 6 years ago and one you have hung on to so long....maybe it has held you to a view that confirms what you saw...

i find that many people in this town treat others the way that they would like to be treated...i have found that many treat strangers with grace, and go home tired, unable to treat their own families with that same grace at all times...i find that many people came here from small areas, not all from concrete jungles, and not all escaping...i also find many whose families have been here for generations

i find many people who live with the day to days...noise, conflict, whatever it is ...as human beings...some days it is too much, some days it is not noticed, but with balance it is dealt with and smiles and humor are still part of life...i find people who love this town but choose to live in the country, where they can enjoy the best of both worlds...

i find that our volunteers or first responders are not at all miserable, and that they truly want to do this job they have "voluntarily" signed up for, and no matter what social class you want to place them in they have the highest regards for human life and property, and YES, they would leave their Picnic which they went to in a eureak springs minute to help someone who needed it...

and i find that the poor people work this town, and are not made rich, and they go in every day to do their job, with good humor, with good faith, and take care of what needs to be done for their families, and for their town...

and i find that no matter how bad things get you can still leave doors unlocked and keys in the ignition, and yes, your charcoal or gas powered grill is still in your yard when you come home one week later...

and i find that all the social classes you want to distinquish and seperate one from another are often found having a meal together as friends, as equals...

where is it you live again joe?

Joe Zickmund
08-09-2002, 09:18 PM
I would like to thank all for the comments made to my FICTITIOUS STORY of "The Fall of Eureka Springs". This story was developed to help understand the delicate relationship between community and industry. In a Democracy, simulated by Capitalism, the factors of production and its resources are held in the hands of the people. Thus a more efficient utilization of said resources. I would ask those to study many examples which industry has left a community. The gold rush in the west. The decline in the use of coal in the east. The competition, from abroard, in steel manufacturing. How about the auto industry? Let us not forget Wal-Mart's desecration of small town America. Don't get me wrong, I shop at Wally World. However, price competition caused many small businesses to fold throughout America. So considering that this story was a FICTITIOUSLY SATIRIC viewpoint, I would appreciate that it is interpretated in that manner.

Oh by the way Carolyn, I live in and love Eureka Springs. What state of MIND do you live in?

08-13-2002, 01:33 AM