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07-10-2002, 05:01 AM
It would have been nice to have one of these built here, say off 62 hwy or 23 hwy for people comming in from Missouri rather then the one in Corning off 67hwy.

By the way, where is Corning and hwy 67?

I guess the State and Parks and Tourisum people are more interested in those economies!

Maybe one of the key words Huckabee uses in the closing of this article is, agencies working well together!

Huckabee Announces New Tourist Center Near Fort Smith

Arkansas News Bureau
LITTLE ROCK A $3.43 million tourist information center will be built at Dora near Fort Smith, Gov. Mike Huckabee announced Tuesday.

The center, the fourth proposed by the governor in the past two months, will be located at the site of a former tourist center along Interstate 40 near Arkansas' border with Oklahoma. The center will be 6,000 square feet and will be paid for, like the other three, with a combination of federal and state tax dollars.

Eighty percent of the money will come from federal transportation enhancement funds provided through the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

The remaining 20 percent will come from the governor's portion of the General Improvement Fund.

"This is the main entrance to our state from the west, and it's important that we have a facility that will provide visitors with information from Arkansas," Huckabee said.

Groundbreaking for the Dora center is planned for next year and it is expected to be completed by fall 2004.

It will be built using Arkansas stone and timbers.

Other centers the governor has announced in recent months include:

A 6,000-square-foot center on I-30 near Texarkana near the Texas border.

A 3,000-square-foot center near U.S. Highways 82 and 167 at El Dorado near the Louisiana border.

A 3,000-square-foot center on U.S. 67 north of Corning near the Missouri border.

Huckabee said the projects are examples of state agencies working well together.

Tourist information centers in Arkansas are owned and maintained by the Highway and Transportation Department and they are staffed by the Parks and Tourism Department.

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07-10-2002, 06:53 AM
Corning is in Northeast Arkansas near the Missouri Bootheel. Interesting destinations entering at this point would be the Arkansas Delta, Crowleys Ridge, the Hemmingway house in Piggot, Mississippi River towns, and Arkansas State U. Nearby to the west/southwest of Corning would be Mammoth Springs and Hardy.

07-10-2002, 07:19 AM
Guess we're not close enough to the border, Bubba. I've also been wondering who has been getting into my chocolate stash....after seeing Gov doing his presentation on the news last night, I think I've found a suspect.

Of course, all suspicions could melt away if we happened to receive one of those fine information centers.

07-10-2002, 07:34 AM
Evidence shows that tourist information centers are most effective when they are situated near major thoroughfares, such as I-40 near Fort Smith. This suggests that Eureka will benefit more from the I-40 info center than one closer to home, say on 23 or 62.

We can't have nice big info centers dispersed along every 60 or so miles of the State border, it's just to expensive.

Being a Delta boy by birth, they have as much right to tourist info center dollars as the Northwest part of the State does.

Perhaps the powers that be can work hard to ensure that Eureka Springs is well represented in the new tourist info center on I-40.

07-10-2002, 08:49 AM
It's not great, but there is a pretty decent tourist center on 62/65 in Harrison. I haven't checked out the Eureka info there, so I'm not sure how well we are represented.

Royal Alcott
07-10-2002, 08:54 AM
2002 is an election year.

Handlers have the computer data bases on every vote in the state.

"Make speech, announce money for" is a standard election staff memo to a candidate.

"Second Comngressional District is solidly Huckabee so don't bother" is also general text of staff memo.

07-10-2002, 09:18 AM
Royal, You are so right concerning election year motives. Don't doubt Huckabee is trying to gain attention in Northeast Arkansas in hopes of gaining votes. Northeast Arkansas is as Democratic as Northwest Arkansas is Republican. No need for him to bother with us over here as he thinks our votes are already his.

07-10-2002, 09:18 AM
rhoda, you're right, there is a fairly nice one just north of Harrison. I checked with them about putting our brochure there when we first opened. (Not to pat myself on the back, but it's a nice brochure!)
They informed me that I had to get permission from the state to do so and gave me the application.
I never heard one word from anyone. My fault I guess for not following through on the situation.
Lots of information on Branson though. Go figure!

07-10-2002, 09:38 AM
If you are intimately familiar with Arkansas politics, you know that the real "don't bother" for Hukster Huckabee is Northeast Arkansas. If the democrats can field an even somewhat viable candidate, he doesn't stand a chance in the Northeast, no matter how much he spends there.

With all his problems; encouraging staffers to lie to the legislature, then firing them when they don't; attempting to silence opposition by encouraging Arkansas PBS to fire a talk show host that dissents; referring to this beloved State as a banana republic; subpeona, subpeona, subpeona; he had better focus on shoring up his support in the Northwest.