View Full Version : Got some?

06-27-2002, 10:05 PM
We hear about it a lot.
All should have, but just some got.
Our forefathers had a lot of it.
Our DNA has decided to quit.

Some say horses have a lot of it, too.
Not based on what I've seen some horses do.
Others swear good fences make good neighbors.
What you get in life is earned by your labors.

You reap what you sow
Is another to know.
Never a borrower or a lender be;
That does mean you and certainly me.

Carpenters know measure twice, cut once.
Waste not, want not...mensa or dunce?
These true sayings have survived the years,
Are their meanings familiar to your ears?

Fences keep neighbor's things from roaming around;
Livestock, kids, a flowerbed digging ol hound.
What you get in life is earned by your labors
Means do it yourself; don't depend on your neighbors.

If you do good deeds, that's planting seeds.
If you work for greed, you'll harvest weeds.
Borrowing and lending is easy to see;
An unpaid loan: A lost friendship the fee.

Measuring twice means double checking your facts
Before pushing a project that might get the ax.
A carpenter knows what this does mean:
Mistakes can make your paycheck lean.

All of these homilies still hold true today;
None of their meaning has been taken away.
By now, you know the meaning should be seen by even the dense:
What too many are lacking is the use of good common sense.