View Full Version : Patt for mayor

08-10-2002, 09:16 PM
Patt Milam has the heart and soul of a hippy earth mother.
She'd be the choice of most kids for mom, if they had a ‘druther.
When her kids were growing up at home,
She welcomed their friends the same as her own.

She came to Eureka quite a few years ago,
Decided this is where her family would grow.
Now that the kids have left and are out on their own,
She and Craig have moved to the river: a stress-free zone.

The kids and theirs will come back to where ever the nest,
Back to the nurturing folks whose love they know is best.
What more could a parent ask for than this?
For most parents, this is only a wish.

Patt is much more than a wife and a mother;
A friend, always involved in something or other.
If she still lived in town, I'd nominate her for mayor.
With her ethics and love of this place, we'd have a prayer.

But since she left the city limits of our town,
The search is on for someone worthy to wear this crown;
Someone who knew Eureka Springs "when".
Patt, are you sure you won't move back in?