View Full Version : Suicide is not painless

07-24-2002, 07:20 PM
I imagine everyone older than 40 probably remembers the "Suicide is Painless" song which is why I chose the title. We make a lot of jokes on here, and we make fun of each other and of people who aren't even here. Most of the time, it seems like such harmless fun, and a great way to vent the energy of the day.

I'm bothered, though, about this oops posting over and again about someone who supposedly took a whole bottle of Xanax followed by a Crown Royal chaser. oops, I realize you are doing your best job of poking a few people in the eye, but I will tell you from years of experience, suicide - contemplated, attempted, or completed - none of it is painless. It is not a laughing matter, and it is certainly not something to be making fun of in light of what pain a person must be going through in order to attempt it.

If you are making it up, that's libel, legal, and outside my territory to explain, but nasty nonetheless because you have all but spelled out the person's name in a few postings.

If you are not making it up, you are being so very hurtful to someone who is already in a great deal of pain, not to mention that person's family and friends.

I don't know if you listen to reason or rationale at all, but I'm asking you nicely to PLEASE put that subject on a burner that's nowhere near public discourse. It is not funny. It is not something to joke about. It is certainly not something to use against someone who is already in more than enough pain to not need you to heap on more.

Please, stop it.


07-24-2002, 08:23 PM
Thank you DOC.....this is what I was trying to express in my last post to this jerk. I am not the person he mistook me for and I feel very deeply for her. If she indeed did attempt to take her life I know that it was not an easy decision for her to make and that her pain must be deep! That some hateful jerk should decide to "get even" with folks in this manner is beyond belief!!! This is what prompted my suggestion that s/he be run out of town although I know that's not a solution!!! It was sort of tongue-in-cheek! I understand the concept of free-speech but this stetches the limits don't you think?