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06-22-2002, 08:53 PM
"You're too involved." "Well, you're not involved enough."
Oh really? Who is the person who judges this stuff?
If people AREN'T publicly patting themselves on the back, making loud declarations of good things that they do,
Does this mean because they're working silently towards a positive goal, that is judged as "doing nothing" to you?

As a personal statement, I must say I admire most those who never brag about all they have done.
I don't need to hear again how they marched for this or that; how they were responsible for whatever was won.
Rarely is there ever just one man who accomplishes greatness by himself in this life.
Even the dumb politicians never fail to give plenty of credit to their silent wife.

And so it goes, there are lots of us folks being the "silent wife" here in town.
We don't blow our horn about how we're trying to earn another star in our crown.
We're working on things to improve business that won't cost the taxpayers a dime.
It's creativity, then nose to the grindstone...that's how we're spending our time.

So if you think we're not involved because we've not been to meetings with you,
It's nothing personal, but we're quite busy bringing our plans to fruition, too.
Hoping to bring an improvement to more than just a few,
Just working without publicity; is this something new?

06-23-2002, 05:42 AM
Thank you Sweetness. Please, take a bow.

To answer your question at the end, no, it's nothing new. It's how things have been done for time immemorial for us mushrooms. No need to blow our own horns, for someday, others will blow them for us. It may be posthumous, but what does it matter. We do what needs to be done when it needs to be done where it needs to be done and are too busy doing it to blow our own horns.

Funny, those who spend so much time blowing their own horns probably never get much done.


You're an inspiration, S&L. Yes please, take a bow.


Becky Davis
06-23-2002, 05:59 AM
Okay, all you ordinary Muggles you. Wha kinder mushroom farm wood ya be takin aboot?

Old Thing
06-23-2002, 08:47 AM
S&L, you really spoke a truth here. We have an eternal candidate in our funny little town, who is much more impressed with himself than anyone else seems to be. Most of us over forty have some accomplishments under our belts, but rather than wasting time tooting our own horns, just might be out trying to find more that needs to be done. Quietly, expecting no praise.

just wondering
06-23-2002, 09:40 AM
S&L, you can silently cross the Mo. line day or night to buy your chocolate or mushrooms. There is no sales tax on food, no CAPC tax (with double standards and other questionable items), and no PARK TAX. You can even buy food, beer, wine, etc., all at the same location. Won $5.00 at Summer Fresh, and paid .69 cents a # for Ar. tomatos. Wow.

06-23-2002, 12:03 PM
j dubyah, you have just about got me convinced to apply for dual citizenship in MO, but it's getting a tad too hot to be transporting massive amounts of chocolate over the border in the Hupmobile as it has no a/c....just one hot hawg behind the wheel.

jf501...not to worry...I'm still buying my plants and chocolate hulls locally...talk about your aroma therapy. Come, walk with me as we shuffle through those Hershey castoffs reducing my watering bill, but not my waist. That would be the next city improvement grant to apply for. snort!

Glad you liked the poem. It has been my experience that those who accomplish the most, whether for their own good or the benefit of the community, do it very quietly and successfully. Those who keep banging the drum loudly could be spending that time producing in the moment for the future, not reliving the past. The past is just that: the past. It once was the present and before that, it was the future. There were two good chances to do what needed to be done. Whatever did or didn't happen then, can't be changed. It's history; we learn from it and go on. To dwell on past's gains or losses is to lose a chance in the present to make a gain.......unless you're talking about losing weight and then we just reverse whatever it was that I said...I think.