View Full Version : Doomed Cats...

09-28-2010, 06:13 PM

These two sweet cats have been at the shelter for several months and were scheduled to be moved into the Lighthouse today. They were tested in preparation for the move and tested positive for feline lukemia. While they show no signs of the disease they are carriers and can infect other cats so must be kept seperated from them. The shelter can only keep them a couple of weeks so they need to find homes ASAP. What is feline lukemia? Here is a link to Cornell University explanation.

The important thing to glean from this is that some feline lukemia positive cats can live reasonably enjoyable lives if given the chance. These two really do deserve that chance so I am hoping that someone without healthy cats or with lukemia positive cats can adopte these two. They will need to be inside cats so they can't infect others.