View Full Version : Emily is coming back!

07-18-2002, 10:11 AM
One of my favorite regional performers is coming back to Sparkys! Emily Kaitz!! Yippeee!
Thursday, July 25 ~ 7-9 pm
She's bringing back the Flukes of Nature with her.. Keith Grimwood (Trout fishing in
America) on bass and Drifty Texarkana (surprise guest.. I know, do you?) on banjo and pedal steel. They played with her the last time.. what a blast. We laughed, sang along on the ones we know, swayed to the music, and even danced in the aisles a bit.
If you haven't heard her, you must, if you have.. well, you know, and I'll see you there.
It's a great locals night, and early enough for us old folks.. which reminds me of one of my favorites.. "Middle aged rock and rollers are so darn cute!"

My kids like her too.. so, it's not limited to old folks!!
Come on out, cuties of all ages!

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