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08-11-2002, 09:57 PM
Spam: It's not just unwanted computer e-mail.
It's the unused pig parts from the snout to the tail.
Where else but in a can could you find such a taste tempting treat?
One of Spam's most popular slogans : Our meat can't be beat.

Boy, is that slogan anything but true;
Even after you scrape off that jellied goo.
You can slice and fry it or eat it straight from the can.
It's a poor man's version of a square country ham.

A mountain of ketchup won't change the taste.
Chock full of fat, it goes straight to your waist.
Talk about your clogged arteries in a can;
Could it be the key where heart attacks began?

Here's the conversation inside your digestion:
He's sending multiple pig parts for ingestion.
Here it comes, lord...we're gonna turn blue.
Look out! It's worse! He ate tater tots, too!

Have you ever seen an expiration date on a Spam can?
At least the millennium of the most current batch ran?
Are there collectors saying old Spam is worth a lot of money?
I might be rich; I've got a garage full starting to smell funny.