View Full Version : A Great Deal For Father's Day (and Moms too!)

Jan Ridenour
06-11-2002, 03:37 PM
$49.99 gets you all of this and makes Dad a Happy Guy..(and Mom happy too)

Digital satellite TV system with additional room receiver options.

100% digital programming.

Free Standard Professional Installation, up to 4 receivers.

3 Free Months of the Digital Home Plan package with one-time $49.99 Activation Fee.

Pick up to 150 channels for less than cable.

We've been doing lots of these systems around Eureka and folks are loving them.
(Keith loved it for those fights last weekend - huh Keith? <grin>

Give us a call today..Pat is the Satellite TV and Satellite Internet guru around here at Positive Idea.

Want it all? We can run Satellite Internet and Digital TV on one dish.

Call us...253-2401 or look on the front cover of your Eureka Springs phone book.

It's a lotta fun for 50 bucks!

Positive Idea