View Full Version : Do we have to go `100 miles?

12-11-2006, 09:08 PM
Do we have to go 100 miles to find someone compassionate enough to provide a caring home for one or more of three incredibly beautiful, intelligent, affectionate FELV-positive cats until their inevitsable death two or three, maybe more, years from now. Of course they have to be kept inside, but could bring a lot of joy to some lonely Eurekan who has forgotten, or never known, the pleasures and health benefits of cat companionship. Presumably they could share a home with non-infected vaccinated cats. Under other circumstances we would not hesitate to bring them into our home, but nine cats, including three kittens recently rescued from the Berryville pound, is just about our limit. Failing to find homes here within the next week, they will go to a refuge in near Buffalo MO which is equiped to give FELV AND FIV cats a pleasant, comfortable life until the end of their days. Call Bill Voiers at 253-9558 if you can find any way to help.