View Full Version : 2 chihuahua's need home ASAP

04-19-2011, 07:46 AM
They are both neutered males that are up to date on shots and de-worming and flea treatment, and heartworm prevention. One is medium hair that is black and tan in color and the other is short hair chocolate and tan in color. I have been doing animal rescue for a number of years and am having to move quickly. We have been trying to re-home these dogs for over 6 months now, placing flyers everywhere and posting on every internet site we could think of. They are not good candidates for the shelter as they are shy when they first get to know you, and I'm afraid they would just end up being euthanized from the stress of all the noise and new people a shelter enviornment would expose them to. (I managed the shelter for several years and would consider my opinion on this very accurate due to my personal experience) O was working at a vet clinic and their was three of them, I found a home for the 3rd dog, their owner had passed away and one of the relatives brought them in to be euthanized because they did not want to deal with them. As the three dogs cuddled up to me and licked my face I just couldn't let them be put down, but never meant for them to be a permanent part of my home. Small dogs are usually very easy to find homes for, I don't know if it is the economy or what, but just havn't had luck. I am now moving very soon and already taking `20 of my own animals with me. If anyone can open their homes &hearts to one of these sweet adorable babies, or would like to meet them please call 479-253-6111