View Full Version : black cat needs home ASAP

04-19-2011, 07:55 AM
Very sweet and affectionate cat. He was brought to me with his mother (who has a new home). They were found with a deceased litter of kittens this little boy was the only one alive. However he was brought to me because it was late at night and there were maggots crawling in his eyes (from laying with dead littermates for unknown amount of time) I spent all night picking them out one by one, and with assistance of medication was able to save both his eyes. Black animals are VERY hard to find homes for, and he is of couse all black with a tiny white patch. I have had him 7-8 month looking for a home, he is currant on shots and de-worming but still needs to be neutered, but the Good SHepherd has very affordable rates for this. He has never been outside, but if introduced slowly after neuter I am sure he would adapt fine. He gets along with even the most tempromental dogs and cats and is good with children. To give him the chance of permanent home please call 479-253-6111. Moving soon so please call ASAP