View Full Version : Revisiting Pet Carnage in Berryville

03-05-2007, 03:06 PM
Here are some new pics of Cutie, Sweetie (might be sisters?), and Bob.

Cutie and Sweetie are both bright, active, wonderful puppies, probably about 6 months old. Cutie, the tan and white looks to have quite a lot of Beagle in her and is kind of shy. Sweetie looks to have some Shepherd. Both are very loving and just need some attention and a home of their own. They appear to have stopped growing and are medium in size.

Bob is just a wonderful English Bull Dog mix. He is built like a tank and is very enthusiastic! He does calm down after some exercise and is just a big love bug. He will need someone who will work with him and has a lot of energy and time for him.