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    Council was interesting last night. Especially the bit with grants being written by parks and then attempting to divert those funds to.....Take a guess.
    the Community Center of Commerce.
    Seriously, watch the segment and if you are not clear and dismayed to the length these people will go in order to get their private project funded with tax dollars and city funds, then nothing will. It's a total shit show of questionable ethics, deceit, lies, favoritism and backdoor politics all revealed for public consumption.
    Great job Council at standing up to this messy deal that could cost Eureka Springs taxpayers thousands of dollars.
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    It takes many years before a new resident understands who the 20+ Group 'working the system' in their favor while the residential community asks, " When do we get a return on the tourist dust they inhale annually."

    AND THE TRAIL PASS resting on the shoulders of several residents and those serving on the Parks Commission and that old survey....TRAILS ARE A CHEAP DISTRUCTIVE and invasions in/or abutting residential areas/and tourist dwellings..........

    Managers of all of those $ gross taxes$$ don't seem to fathom a day to come when all of those TREE killing trails becoming avenues for Cross Country Mopeds and Motorcycles.

    Any Ordinance making such illegal would be like trying to extract all of the Mercury out of all American fish since the advent of the Age of Industrialization.

    Ever tried to control a drop of deadly Mercury?
    BUT the FFA says eating ONE fish a week because of its' Mercury content will Not KILL YA,
    BUT it is 86ed for babies and pregnant women.
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    At the 30:35 minute mark is where the City Council starts investigating and questioning A ESCCF Board Member on the Dairy Hollow Trail grant that was diverted to help the Community Center of Commerce. This is money that they want to use to build sidewalks and a fitness track/trail at the Community Center of Commerce. Why does this matter?

    First it was diverted without Council approval. Council Approved the grant for a Dairy Hollow Trail, not the Community Center of Commerce.
    If the requirements of the grant are not met the city is liable to pay the money back. Why? Because "Parks" wrote the grant and as a department of the city it makes the city liable for any short comings. This could be a potential massive financial burden on the city. Meanwhile, the Community Center of Commerce walks away smelling like a rose since they are a private organization not affiliated with the city in any way shape or form.

    When the children of Eureka Springs were walking on a busy highway to go to school we couldn't find the money or interest to build a sidewalk. Now that a private organization wants to build a private commerce center they blatantly use the cities department commissions and their board members to gain access to funds on the cities and residents back. Just put them on the ESCCF Board to make them feel important and powerful then lube them up to screw over the citizens and city hall.

    No other park, organization or entity was ever considered or interviewed as an alternate recipient of the grant and when asked how the decision was made to use it for the Community Center the alderman was told by the ESCCF Board Member that his question "was not pertinent." The alderman also made pointed out that this very ESCCF Board Member was also the Parks Commissioner. The very department that wrote the grant.

    There are easement issues with surrounding business and the School Board that need to be cleared in order for this all to take place and when asked about this issue the ESCCF replied with "One of our board members in on the School Board so I don't see it as an issue."
    For real! You are admitting again that your organization and its board members were chosen for their ability to manipulate local and city governments to their private organizations financial needs.

    This is yet another example of why I can't support this project or the people involved. It's dirty, it's scary and possibly illegal. Do your homework and ask questions before blindly supporting this project. It is not what they say it is.
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