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    Got two nucs last Sat. Put them in the new hive with 5 new frames. This morning put a deep box on top the brood box..They were crowded and filled the 5 new frames quick..Took the top off and about 10 thousand bees came a swarming out..I quickly put the new box on closed up and worked on the second hive..Well there had to 20 thousand in the hive, and yep all 20 thousand came out fighting. cloud of mean little suckers.Put the new box on top and closed up..Well the 20 thousand didn't want to settle down and came looking for a fight...Walking away very quickly, Down to 10 thousand now all looking for a place to put a stinger..Walking away still! maybe down to a couple thousand. .50 yards away , down to maybe a couple hundred.Stopped walking and stood still...They finally gave up looking for a soft spot for a stinger to go..Walked back and took of hood and coat...Glove had hundreds of stingers hanging from it...Only got stung once thru the glove.. Mental note to self-- find long leather gloves..

    Will give feed back later as i look at the bees in a day or so...Leather gloves in hand

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    Dang, Mud! I always only wore the hood when dealing with my hives. BUT - I'd smoke 'em a bit first if I was taking the top off. Never dealt with the angry ones, thank goodness. Definitely get the long, leather gloves!
    Sounds like you enjoy being a beekeeper. That's a good thing as we need more in this country; our pollinators are dwindling.
    Get some yummy honey last season and selling it? Keep it up!!!
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    So, I don’t know anything about them... did all those stinging bees die?
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    Default A few things I have learned from working with bees:

    Quote Originally Posted by islandvideo View Post
    did all those stinging bees die?
    Sadly the ones that left their stinger did.

    Mudcat ,

    You mentioned working the bees in the morning. The best time to work them is between 10 AM and 4 PM. while most of the older bees are out working the fields. The older bees are the most defensive guard bees.
    Try not to work them if there is any weather change or threat of rain. They just hate it if you take their roof away.
    Always work them calmly with smooth motions and try to not smash bees since that certainly upsets the survivors.
    Don't eat bananas before entering the bee yard since the odor mimics their attack pheromone.
    If you do get stung remove the stinger quickly and smoke the sting or others because that scent probably smells like bananas to them.
    If you smoke the hive, use a little smoke in the hive and a lot of smoke on yourself.
    Good protective gear is a great investment.

    The bees always have new lessons to make me a better beekeeper if I just take time to listen to them.

    Good luck to all the local beekeepers


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