Elmer's glue used as a facial cleaner
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Thread: Elmer's glue used as a facial cleaner

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    Default Elmer's glue used as a facial cleaner

    Ok, so I have this friend. She posted this up on her blog tonight. I laughed quite hard, and thought I'd share. I asked her first if I could, and all was good, here's what she said.............

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    Well it seems I have pulled another good one! LOL My face is all crappy from the heat and humidity and pretty much stays that way lately. Someone told me that Elmer's school glue works wonders. SOOO today when I go to the store to pick up some essentials I cruise by the school supplies and pick up a 50 cent bottle of glue. Being selective and picking out a bottle that says non-toxic and thoughts of a cheap way to a clear face. So tonight I smear on the glue like a mask and sit and wait for it to dry. Then a fly lands on my face and gets stuck!!! OHHHHH great i'm a human fly trap!!!!!!!! LMAO...I remove the carcass from my face and hope it doesnt happen again...that should have been my 1st clue! As the glue dries I feel my pores tightening, better than any mask I have paid good money for in the past...thinking to myself I have found something that is going to work wonders and its cheap!!!! It comes time to peel off the mask...there's a reason they call it glue!!!! Ohhhh my goodness...I don't need to do hair removal now...seems I killed 2 birds with one stone on that!!! My face does feel alot smoother now...since I think I have pulled off 10 yrs of skin!!!!! My face is all glowing now...and I have good blood flow to the area I think since it is a bright pink in color!!!! LOL So its a 4 in one...tightens pores...exfoliates ..and removes hair....and an acid peel!!!! So if you can take the pain its a great idea and it works...but I dont think I will be doing it again!!! LMAO

    I dont even remember who told me that little tid bit.....good thing I have a memory problem...or I'd give them a little ear full...it was probably someone who just told me that to see if i would do it! Or maybe I seen it on TV...who knows? LMAO

    Only Me!!! = )

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    There are a lot of other products on the market for doing that.......a lot more easily and less painfully......
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    just glad it didn't make you stuck up

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    Face, a sticky subject.

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    just checked my bottle of elmer's....."product of china"...warning warning


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