Snagging season opens april 15th. Im getting to old for this kind of fishing, but if you have the energy, i have pulled fish up to 74 lbs right below beaver dam. I dont have any rods for sell but i have a good shakespeare 2200 series, model 080 spinning reel ( holds 120 yds 60lb down to 490 yds 15 lb line
Will sell for $30. Spool with 185 yds of 40lb line, than match up with a 10-11 ft rod and this reel can handle a fish over 100 lbs. I got my 74 lb on its little brother. ALSO have a Abu Garcia SS700F Spinning reel, holds 230 yds of 25 lb
down to 340 yds of 17 lb, will sell for $25. Both reels as good as new. Call
479-253-2258 or 479-981-3870. ( )