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Thread: FOR SALE: Singer Athena 2000 Electronic Sewing Machine

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    Default FOR SALE: Singer Athena 2000 Electronic Sewing Machine


    A little while back, my Athena 2000 Sewing Machine (which I love to use) stopped doing the zigzag and decorative stitches. Since I use the zigzag a lot, I started hunting for the same machine. Found it on eBAY and won the bid at over $250. (Original cost of machine was $1000 plus.)

    To make a short story long: After I got the replacement machine, I decided to give my old one a last try. To my amazement, it worked!!!!! Therefore, I have a spare that I don't need (I can multi-task, but I can't multi-sew).

    All attachments, foot pedal, and instruction sheet are included. I'm not sure if there is an instruction booklet or not; if not, I will copy mine for you.

    $150.00 for all, before I put it on eBay.

    Please PM me.
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