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    I think I've been reading this "let's all cooperate" thing all wrong.
    I've been blaming the negative ones for wearing a too-tight thong.
    Crying the war chant of Rodney King's "Can't we all just get along?"
    That was not the best thing when it should have been "Sing Your Own Song."

    It has been made quite clear to me:
    You all gonna be what you wanna be.
    It does not matter how we beg or plead,
    You all gonna do what you think you need.

    Maybe you're right and the rest of us are wrong.
    Maybe I'm the one with my head in my thong.
    Maybe we should each do just as we want.
    Maybe our success alone we can flaunt.

    Then each one can say "I did it alone,"
    As he crowns himself on his porcelain throne.
    Then we each can be king or queen of the castle;
    No city entities with which to wrassle.

    We can each learn to stand on our own,
    Or watch as we flush ourselves down our throne.
    Maybe standing each on his own will give backbone to some;
    More likely that's a fairytale whose day will never come.

    Whoever decides to stand on his own,
    Accepts the consequences are his alone.
    He takes the blame with no one to share.
    And if he does good, who else will care?

    In the meantime, the burden of marketing is all his.
    Finally, no more meetings ending in nothing but fizz.
    No more fighting over downtown or the highway.
    We can each sing Sinatra's song: "I Did It My Way!"

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    I would care Sweetness.

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    sweetness&light Guest


    Becky, you've got a kind heart, but you're not here. Which brings me to another question: When are you coming back to throw your hat in the ring for mayor? I'm ready to start printing up those campaign signs.

    We need a fresh view concerned solely with Eureka Springs and bringing her back to her old self...which is not a bad thing...while marketing her in the past-present and future-past. I have no idea what I just said, but my English teacher is probably spinning in her grave.

    I understand why nobody is breaking down the doors to sign up. Who wants their head handed to them on a paper plate? (Our city budget does not allow for platters). Maybe if we had a candidate the majority wanted enough to vote for, it wouldn't be that way IF the candidate was a commanding presence as in had a do-able, popular plan for the city, was respected by the citizens, and trustworthy....and a sturdy backbone.

    So far, we have one glass slipper or one glass boot to fill...first come & it fits, first mayor(ess). And the hunt is on....

    jw, can I interest you in selling tickets to a pit barbque fund raiser? Dibs on the babybacks and pickled pig's feetsies.


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