Jello booty vs J-Lo Booty
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Thread: Jello booty vs J-Lo Booty

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    Hilarity Jello booty vs J-Lo Booty

    My hubby is a bit older than me (14 years), and a bit behind the times. So, this evening he was admiring me and commented about my "Jello booty," believing that this was a compliment. He had heard my curvy shape reffered to before, and had confused the term "J-Lo" with "Jello" not remembering who Jennifer Lopez was. I, of course was a bit offended, but found the humor in it. I guess my New Year's resolution has been modified a bit, to do something about the jello. Wish me luck in working out more this year!!!

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    That's funny, moodchild! Some of the things in life that crack me up the most is misunderstandings between generations and word confusions. You've wrapped 'em both up here.
    You shake that jello booty, girl!
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